Gotta go I was going to tell you all about our great Easter weekend in Kerry but it’s already 11.40 pm and I have a few things to do around the house so it will have to wait. Instead I will post this little snippet that I wrote earlier:

We had a warm spell here at the weekend and you would know from the proliferation of weeds! Dandelions everywhere. When I arrived home this evening I was parking my bike and I remember thinking last week about how weed free that bit of the garden is: not anymore! With the big back garden the front one is functional rather than beautiful: we keep our car, our bikes and our bins there. The previous owners built what I call a “car port” out front and it literally fits a car in it. So snugly that it is not possible to open the doors! We have a driveway specialist coming to have a look on Saturday.

Apart from the weeds there is some blooming great colour in Dublin and indeeed Ireland at the moment. Magnolias are fantastic all over town. The forsythia looks fabulous. As we say here there’s a grand stretch in the evenings already and the smells at twilight can be very heady. As we travelled to and from Kerry in the south west of Ireland last week I was captivated by the bright yellow gorse and the dramatic scarlet aurea dogwood. The latter was particularly attractive next to the bright new leaves on the trees.

So I have a weekend of weeding ahead of me but I have been inspired by that amazing dogwood!

Also found a good irish gardening site:
haven’t ordered anything myself yet as I have blown this month’s gardening budget already!

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