Happy Birthday to me I may as well have been singing to myself. It was nearly 10.30 before most people turned up to wish me a Happy Birthday. I know I said that I didn’t want a fuss but in future could you all just take me a tad less literally? Grats is sitting there going “Do you actually have any friends?” I am very aware of the time because my darling fiance has given me a fabulous watch for my birthday and I am thinking to myself, “Well it’s not like I am ringing these people every second night to ask them to come boozing with me!” In fact the last time I think I insisted people come boozing with me specifically was my birthday last year. And now that I mention that I realise that I in fact kept all my well-wishers waiting until 10.30. I’ll just shut up now.
But when all my fabulous pals turned up, they were wearing all their finery and they all had tales to tell about all manner of funny things and I was delighted to see them all and only sorry that I didn’t have more time to pass with them. We were the very last to leave the pub and I am sorry to say that this 30 year old went straight home to her leaba instead of partying on with Kaybee and her girls.

Snow good for my plants So on Sunday I continued in the same vein as Saturday and while Garman was with his grandparents and the sun was shining, I decided to get out into the garden. I mowed the lawn and planted the 2 climbing roses that my mother gave me for my birthday as well as the two other climbers I had bought last weekend. I really enjoyed but I was totally knackered afterwards.

And then this morning we woke up and the back garden was covered in snow. An event that would once have evoked a cry of delight now only resulted in a moan of anguish! Will my beloved plants survive this cold snap?

Speaking of colds Himself has one, I’ve the sniffles, Garman has a constantly running nose. I’m off to make Lemsip for Himself. More anon about my poor plants.

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