Common or Garden Mileelers is inspiring me:

One of the sweetest aspects of permaculture is its
philosophy of easy labor. In a permaculture garden,
one composts in place through trenches and sheet
mulches, one eats from perennial food sources rather
than planting annual crops year after year, one plants
in ?guilds? of inter-related plants rather than in
destructive (and high-maintenance) monocultures, and
one is as water wise as possible. I didn?t want to be
the one responsible for turning beautiful soil
beastly, and by layering and careful planting I knew I
could keep the cycle of fertility going and save
myself a great deal of labor in the long run.

She also sent me this link to a site which I am definitely going to explore: You Grow Girl: Gardening for the People

I have also applied to do a basic gardening course in The Sanctuary which I read about in my weekly Community Exchange newsletter.

Here’s a picture of myself and Garman on Christmas Day in Wexford.

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