Ding dong the bells will chime We are getting there rather more quickly than expected: I got my wedding dress!! I found it in a Vintage (voce second hand store) on Saturday. Many thanks to Abs and KH who helped me pick it. They also got to try on a few g�nas themselves which is what it’s all about. I am kind of disappointed that I didn’t make it to all the serious full on bridal shops around town to try on the meringues and the 10 grand worth of dress. Mind you if I have a spare Saturday and if anyone else is keen it’s something I could always do for a laugh. Oh Hilarious

Breithl� eile My birthday is on Saturday. Hopefully you will be skipping the celebrations of all these people and you will be joining me instead. Neary’s at 9pm – see you all there.

This house is a home Imagine also that it is nearly a year since the offer on our lovely home was accepted. Oh and I was so, so sick this time last year. Yech.

He’ll do for the garden As there have been a numberof requests here is a picture of Garman before he got shoes or a haircut. The back of our house looks like a tenement!

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