Cold snaps At last our ski-ing pictures have been beautifully organised for your viewing pleasure. That holiday was so much fun. It was good for all of us and certainly sorely needed by Himself and I. I was so sick the week before I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able for it. And the stress the week before! Oh my! Himself was doing exams. However it all worked out beautifully. I still felt a bit iffy until the Monday but I put it down to altitude and antibiotics. But I soon felt tip-top with all the fresh air and good (and oh so expensive!) food. Good enough that by Thursday I skied down Val d’Isère’s famous Olympic Black. Granted it took me about half an hour but I was chuffed at the end as was Himself when he joined me about ten minutes later.

Buachaill bruscar Bhí m� amuigh ag si�l am l�in l� amh�in an tseachtain seo chaite agus thaing an bheirt fhear seo amach as caif� os mo chomhair. Bhí �adaí neamhfhoirmi�la ar an bhfear ab �ige d�ibh agus culaith �adaí ar an bhfear eile. Bhí ceapaire sa l�mh aige ag an stocach. Bhain s� an p�ip�ar de agus chaith s� uaidh �. Nírbh bosca bruscar 5 slat uaigh. Scairt m� amach, “Hey there’s a bin right in front of you!” Rinne s� leathchas im threo agus d�irt s�, thar a ghualainn, “You pick it up.” Is beag gur chaill m� mo reas�n ansin. De ghn�th is leor an n�ire chun daoine a bhrost� chuig ghníomh ach ba chuma sa tioc leis an stocach seo. Ach an rud a chuir íontas orm n� an bealach gur chuma sa diabhal leis an bhfear a bhí leis: fear an culaith eadaí. Is fí an seanfhocal “Clothes do not make the man”: ba chuma c� chomh neata is a bhí an fear sin, bhí s� l�ns�sta c�c a dh�anamh d� thimpeallacht.

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