Tinn I’m at home, feeling crap. Himself was laid low last week by a flu and throat infection – I seem to have caught the throat infection. Not as badly as Himself but I can’t eat. I’m off to the doctor soon. I really want to shake it asap as we are going ski-ing soon. Needless to say I am looking forward to it! Our first holiday in nearly a year an half. Garman is staying with his grandparents.

Si�l, si�l, a r�n � Garman has started walking. He is also able to open the sitting room door and has just escaped into the hall and towards the stairs so I better scarper after him. He is going to the doc too as he is very rattlechested and obviously I would like him to be in the best of health before I hand him over to my parents.

Tasty Well the jury is still out on that – it looks good though. I made this cake for my parents and similar for Himself’s. We were down in Wexford for Christmas and it was certainly different. Coming into my 30th year it’s about time I did something different at Christmas. Next year will be different too!

Idir d�il agus p�sadh So many people got engaged over the Christmas Holidays. A particular mention goes to our hosts on our last holiday in NYC and regular commenters on this site. Also congrats to the pair travelling around Oz. 2005 and five looks to be the year where if I am not at a 30th birthday I will be at a wedding or a christening. And 2 of those will be my own celebrations. Now what is he up to….?

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