Peasant evening for soup. I am cooking up some French Peasant Soup and wondering whether to lash in the leeks or not. I am listening to John Kelly’s Mystery Train on the radio while I am doing this and he is playing 2 songs by The Verve in a row. Were they really that good to merit either a greatest hits or 2 songs in a row? But this is not why I logged on.

Boiled Bacon in Baghdad As it was Halloween last night Crumlin dressed up as Baghdad. I invited my parents and my grandmother over for a full on Halloween feast. I decided to do Boiled Bacon and Colcannon. Boiled Bacon sounds really unpleasant but it is a joy to cook as during the preparation you can go and have a nap for 45 minutes as I did yesterday. I used Jamie Oliver’s recipe from his first book – yummy. I didn’t make the colcannon. Mum had some left over from dinner the previous evening so it seemed like a shame to waste it and as usual it was top notch. When I invited my family over I said that I thought it should be a good laugh as there are a lot of children in the area and I was sure they would all be going around in their costumes. We had 7 trick-or-treaters in 3 groups so I have been picking at all the leftover sweeties since – damn you invisible tricksters! (Great some guy just picked the Pixies Caribou as his life altering tune. Nice one! God they were great this summer in the Phoenix Park…) Anyhoo. Ah yes so the t-or-t-ers left a lot to be desired but as my mother said “Well you promised us some excitement!” From dusk until nearly 11pm there were non-stop fireworks. Some were really close by. People had obviously spent a fortune on their stockade. It was crazy but crazy and cool.

I also made a delicious lemon pudding from Cranks Light – there is also some of this left and 3/4 of a brack so maybe I won’t fit into my outfit for this wedding on Friday.

Gourmet Garman Garman has also been having some culinary adventures. He has grown out of being fed like a baby apparently so now that he has all grown up he will feed himself. This is a daunting prospect for me as I cannot quantify the amount of food that makes it into his gob and the amount that makes it onto the flower. However he has been careful supplement his diet with tissue paper, dirt from the house plants, lint, a lick of his nappy bin, a good long suck of his bath sponge, crayons in the creche, his father’s neck and my fingers. Thank god he is not going hungry says you.

A shoe-in I made it to Office on Henry St on Saturday morning and purchased a super sexy pair of boots (see right). Oh it is shoe heaven. I love the boots so much I do not want to wear them. I also bought a lovely black jacket for this wedding on Friday in Zara.

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