Wedded blechs I am in bed as I am typing this. I have had a very productive morning. I think I should recommend to the boss that I spend at least half my time working from bed in future. I had a filthy cold but also a nasty stomach upset. Garman stayed the night with my mum on Sunday because we made a very brief appearance at my sister’s birthday party. I felt okay but it was a Bad Idea. I had invited my parents to come and have lunch with us in Airfield House on Monday and I thought I felt up to it. I should have just stayed in bed. Of course they were all makig jokes about “oooh is this a bad omen for the wedding??!” The way I see it things can only get better. We had never eaten there (I still haven’t) so Himself was glad to discover that the food was really tasty. I found out that their bathrooms are nice and clean…

Clean as a button Our new cleaner is here so it’s not exactly the most restful of mornings. I think I know everything about her family now and I met her for the first time this morning. Mind you the house is tidier than it has been in a long time – nothing to do with my frantic tidying at the weekend. Himself ” WHat are you tidying for? She’s coming on Tuesday?” Me: “She has to be able to get at something to clean like the floor, the worktops etc.” She is coming again on Thursday and the long standing ironing issue will be tackled. She did about half an hour of ironing and I swear she got more done in that half an hour than I would in 2. Yay!!

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