Ever get a feeling of deja lu? Please excuse the brief hiatus. I tell you life is not boring! But it is not always more interesting than surfing the net and sharing my homespun wisdom with you, my good reader (a plural there is being too optimistic even for me). No I would not refer to it always as interesting. Time consuming would describe how I feel about life at the moment. Sometimes that time is consumed in a good way (playing football with Garman), sometimes it is consumed in a necessary way (housework) and sometimes it is consumed in a bad way (I cannot think of an example that applies to me which is good).

Garman as you can see grows more hair daily – I have obviously passed on my amazing Murphy follicular genes though Himself isn’t so shabby on top either. He is still the happiest chappy I have ever met. Last week Himself was giving him a bath and the pair of them were messing: Garman laughed so much that he got sick. God be with the days when things were that funny! His latest trick is pointiing but he hasn’t copped the usefulness of it yet. Himself is afraid that I think he is pointless.

Work is completely hectic which I can’t complain about but I am looking forward to a few days off soon. A lot of my head space has been taken up by work stuff and I need to empty my brains.

As Himself has returned from his night school I will go and be sociable.

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