There goes the weekend Another weekend gone and no housework done. Mind you it’s very hard to do something as boring as housework when CuteStuff on the right wants you to throw a ball around the room with him.

Here is a list of things that I wonder will I ever catch up on or finish:

  • Email – please, please forgive me, those of you who are waiting with baited breath for a mail from me. Those of you who are not: who are you trying to kid? You think acting all cool and devil-may-care fools me? I can see right through that act.
  • The banisters or is it balluster or ballisters and paint
  • Himself is catching up on the Sunday supplements beside me here on the couch and reminds me about our bulbs: must plant them this weekend. We have over a hundred so if anybody is feeling a little bored/ claustrophobic/ clean/ clucky, your presence is more than welcom
  • Reading – holy cow I have been reading Bill Bryson’s Short History of Nearly Everything forever. I keep falling asleep and I don’t really think this is a refletion on poor ol’ Bill
  • The Fireplace and paint
  • Banana cake for the ladies in the creche to thank them for a positive 9 month check up – tomorrow night!!
  • The doors in sitting room and paint
  • Site redesign – not high on my list of priorities but definitely something I would like to do before the year is out
  • Garman’s bedroom wall and paint. It got wrecked by the bathroom dudes
  • Put all the stuff back in the attic
  • Make a list of all the jobs that need to be done.

That was quiet therapeutic and no doubt highly entertaining for you, my lovely readers.

Back to school Kudos to those who have gone back to school: Himself, Mileelers, Prof GF, The Hand Lady, Deda, Ms. KS, Rosiebuds, Loolieboots and, of course, Granny. Jesus there’s an awful lot of you…

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