This season I will mostly be wearing a lovely orthopoedic thumb support. Such style, such glamour. Well at least I’l be clean because our bathroom is finished. The whole experience was, apart from the lack of cleanliness, totally painless and I would definitely recommend Classic Bathrooms on the Long Mile Road to anyone. I must organise a before and after shot.

I picked up my thumb support in a place called Physio Needs. It always amazes me when you visit these unusual businesses how busy they are. Check out their website – it’s fairly crap but I am very curious to know what the 7th item is, just above the thumb supports…

We are just watching “Hanging with Hector” and although it’s good, Hector is doing that really annoying thing of speaking to people in English with their accent. He did it all the way through Asia and it bugs the bejaysus out of me.

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