Ord�g an Gaeilgeora or Gaeilgeoir’s Thumb. I went to see a physioherapist yesterday and I have been diagnosed with tendonitis. She asked me if, at the time when I first noticed the condition, I started doing anything diffeent or new. As I had been working on my computer at home I didn’t think that going back to work at a computer was the main cause. The physiotherapist told me I had to rest my right hand completely. I was at work today and suddenly I realised exactly what was different: sinti fada! (Which I can’t get working (a) in Blogger and (b) on our new laptop). To type a sine fada you have to press the vowel and AltGr which is awkward at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s econd nature – I can type as fast in Irish as in English.

If you discover a medical condition or are the first person diagnosed with it isn’t it named after you? Wow.

Rud an ait faoin bhfocal “Gaeilgeoir”: c� go bhfuil s� firinscineach, n� chuirtear seimhi� air tar �is an ailt sa tuiseal ginideach. Focal eile a chuireann ionadh orm i gc�nai n� an focal “Gaeltacht” a bhriseann an rial “Caol le caol agus leathan le leathan”. Oh bhueal is iad na heisceachta� srl….

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