We’re enthusiastic We just started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm last week. There was a great episode on last week The Survivor where a row erupted between a TV Survivor and a Holocaust Survivor. Classic.

Sport Rosie I have also been watching and listening to quite a bit of the aul Olympics. RT� are doing good radio coverage in the evenings where the sporty dudes thrown in a bit of music and man do those dudes have some weird taste in music. One tune they played last night was about the dreams of a average housewife. Very odd.

Even odder though is the fact that due to copyright RT� are not allowed to broadcast the whole of a online while the Olympics are on. I was looking for a peice about Gaelscoileanna that I missed on Tuesday and no joy. It wasn’t deemed important enough by the powers that be.

We’re missing it While channel surfing we discovered that we have been missing the new series of Six Feet Under. I just remembered that I missed the last episode of the last series because I was in hospital. It was on telly the night after Garman was born. I wasn’t supposed to be in hospital, of course…

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