Oh cluck! I am at home with Garman. He may have chicken pox. Anyone who visited us over the weekend should be wary if they haven’t had it before. However, I have discovered that contrary to popular belief adults exposed to chicken pox don’t automatically get shingles: shingles are not conagious; they are a reactivation of the virus that has lain dormant in the adult since a previous infection by the varicella-zoster virus. Anyway it doesn’t seem to be doing Garman any harm at all. He’s chilling out here beside me while I try to work.

In the hood Crumlin is great. I’ve met lots of our new neighbours and other people I know who live around the area. For example, yesterday evening Garman and I went out for a walk to bring back our DVD. The local video shop belongs to old friends of mine from DYT days so every time I go in there somebody else I know is behind the counter. Embarrassingly enough I have already managed to desroy one of their DVDs. Then on the way home, who drives past but my brother’s friend, his partner and their two kids – she was having a driving lesson apparently. Garman gave them all a big smile!

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