War chalking Now that I am a wireless woman does anyone know anything about war chalking in Ireland? Ever seen any chalkings? Do tell all purlease – I may never have to log off again. Google Search: wifi chalking ireland No help from damned Eircom though. Apparently there is broadband in our area but our line is not capable. Boy do we feel inadequate. We are going with NTL and are very interested to see what the service is like.

I’ve got the POWER As my phone beeps with fear of imminent failure just after Himself swipes my power cable from the back of my laptop it makes one realise that this wirelessness is all a bit of a cod really. Much like so many things in life.

Not a cod but a cat Our friend C brought us back a great piece of tat from his travels in China: a Joy Luck Pussy Cat. He sits on the window and beckons various riches. Once we attach our hearts’ desire to his paw in the form of a small banner he begins to beckon and apparently we can expect instant realisation. So far JL has beckoned some Superquinn tokens and 2 very hardworking parents. As the banners are all in Chinese it is possible that this is indeed what we chose to beckon. I will really have to post a pic so you have some idea what I am talking about.

Good night… 

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