Weird? Maybe. Wired? Absolutely not (ish) We finally got our fab new laptop today. It’s wireless so that, in theory, I can use it anywhere in the house. However as we are both terribly impatient we didn’t give it a chance to charge up before booting it up and getting it go-go-going. This means that instead of relaxing on the couch with laptop on my lap n� r�omhaire ghl�ine ar mo ghl�in I am bolt upright at the dining table. It will take me some time to get used to this weency keyboard – it’s especially difficult to do s�nt� fada. Bear with me. Himself is moaning away in the background about being a web widower – how thoughtless of him when you, my adoring public, have been without me for so long.

Speaking of adoring I got whisked away for a relaxing spell in the BrookLodge last Friday. A big surprise, organised by Himself to celebrate our 5th anniversary. This of course means that there is less than a year to go to the Big Day… but I am calm, relaxed, serene.

Where were you? I have been in our new gaff, working away like a crazy woman. We got the keys on July 1st and have been stripping wallpaper since. Himself has been amazing, working from dusk til dawn everyday. My parents have also been great. They came over today and while Mum resolved our weird walls with some lining paper, Dad got to grips with the grasslands out the back. Of course, they are no strangers to grasslands having just returned from Kenya. Moving day is Saturday and we are expecting all sorts of deliveries: a washing machine! a dishwasher!! a bed!!! No fecking mattress until the 12th and as Himself is off to work abroad for a week it is muggins here who’ll be feeling the hard, cold fact of its absence.

All coming up roses The woman who owned our house before us was called Rose and it’s quite possible that the new tenant in our flat might be called Rose. If I was that way inclined I might think there was a meaning there somewhere. 

Unhouse stuff We’ve been having a great summer. We had a lovely evening a while ago with Mark and Lizzy all the way from Nu Yawk City with their tales of crank callers and a Garman sized Che Guevara t-shirt. We are also thrilled that our friends C & L have returned from their travels: we had a very pleasant evening in C’s bro’s place: pleasantly surprised by a barbeque organised by his girlfriend. Garman came along too. He was very well behaved and they were all mad about him. He is increasingly cute. He has 2 teeth and we are convinced he can say duck. He is about to start crawlng but in the meantime his main mode of transport is the roll. The other day in the creche they could hear him getting a bit ticked off but they couldn’t see him: on further investigation he had rolled under one of the cots! He was staying with his grandparents at the weekend and had a great time rolling all over the place and generally being a charmer. He claps his hands if you ask him. He is still sleeping through the night.

Weighty matters I’ve been doing well with the Weight Watchers which is surprising considering it’s the last thing on my mind at the moment. Damage limitation is the name of the game at the moment. I have 9 more pounds to lose: watch this ever increasing space…

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