Input Thanks to rvize and helen for their comments on the citizenship referendum. I agree with both of you and I don’t think it is ignorance to be concerned about the citizenship of children should the yes votes have the day. I have heard a number of people comment in the media about how denying newborns automatic citizenship problematizes their existence. I do feel that in the context of Ireland as a member of the EU there may need to be tighter controls on immigration and citizen but I don’t believe that it merits tinkering with the constitution. In fact I think it shows a distinct lack of respect for the constitution.

When I hear talk about the packed maternity wards it produces a wry smile on my face. The maternity wards have a lot of problems but surely we should be rejoicing that they are packed! I believe that in Australia and France there are incentives for women to have as many children as possible. I may be wrong about that but the point is we may regret at leisure (i.e. during our retirements) that, as a nation, we chose to reject these new �ireannaigh.

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