Never a moment

I have a day off today which is a blessing as poor wee G hardly slept a wink last night. He is asleep right now. In fact he fell asleep between mouthfuls of lunch: he was that tired. I went to Boob Group this morning for the last time and brought along some chocolate fudge cake by way of thanks. Chocolate is always popular with breastfeeding mums. Sylvia and I just couldn’t believe that our babies are now the eldest. She is also planning to give up soon. I think I am going to start phasing it out this weekend. He is six calendar months on Saturday. Time flies. The WHO recommendation is six months at least so I have done my duty!

The Snorb So, yeah, we went to see The Orb on Friday and they were really disappointing. Of course, you could argue, that as I don’t get out much, I may have been expecting too much. It was like being at a sound check. We were home by 11.30 and my parents, who were babysitting, were very surprised. Ah well.

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