Long time, no type We’ve been away – more on that later – and I didn’t tell yis all as I would have broken one of my own golden rules and encouraged the e-burglars. Actually looking for that post I noticed it is also linked from this one where I mention that the offer was accepted on our house and we are still in the flat. We really thought we would be in there by now for a while. At least we are happy enough in this flat. It would be really frustrating if we were stuck in a dingy kip.

Lots going on Currently Garman is in his lovely creche which he seems to be enjoying. This is a little disconcerting for me but obviously I am very glad that his calmness continues and he is taking it in his stride. We are breaking him in and today is his longest stint so far. I’d imagine if I left him there for the whole day it probably would make no odds to him but don’t forget we are breaking me in as well! My current mantra is “Change is good” but I do miss him.

Hellidays So our holidays were a disaster. Looking on the bright side, they could have been worse – we are all still breathing. Before we even set off things weren’t going so well. The poor little GMan had a bout of teething ramping up all week – his eczema flared up, he wouldn’t drink from a bottle, runny nose etc. – and then on Thursday afternoon all hell broke loose. He was very upset until Saturday morning and didn’t take a bottle again until the following Monday. His appetite was affected and even the breast wasn’t acceptable. We had a lovely visit to his Kilkenny cousins on Friday but I was distracted by his bad form. However, my sister in law, bless her, kept telling me that it’s only the parents who get upset by the crying which was very nice and understanding of her.

We were on our way to Dungarvan in Co. Waterford. We had a thatched cottage booked for the week and we learnt a lot of lessons. We didn’t even stay 24 hours. It was very stressful to arrive in a place and discover it was not at all as you expected. We were stupid but it definitely was not little baby friendly whatever about being family friendly.

To cut a long-ish story short we found another spot which was lovely. The house itself was no great shakes but it was in a lovely setting, near a lovely forest. We were so relieved. We only had it until Thursday morning though so we decided to totally indulge ourselves and book ourselves into Dunbrody House in Wexford on our way to Himself’s parents’ house.

However on Sunday afternoon, Himself started feeling unwell. Nothing specific but just not right and he got progressively worse and got feverish. I was very worried. By Tuesday morning he thought he was feeling better and we went to The Tannery for lunch. I would definitely recommend it. Yummy!

However Tuesday night, he started feeling rotten again and I finally said, “C’mon, let’s go home tomorrow.” No-one was enjoying themselves – I was bored and tired and he was sick and we had none of our usual comforts to help ease the boredom/ sickness/ tiredness. We didn’t think anything else could go wrong (actually when I see it all written down it doesn’t seem that bad but don’t forget we originally thought we would be going to Italy for my cousin’s wedding and the whole holiday shrunk in my expectations bit by bit….) but that night Garman got sick twice in his sleep. So scary – I never lept out of the bed as quick! – but didn’t bother him in the slightest. I don’t want to get too graphic but whoda thought a baby could contain that much! Yech! At least this means his system is working and aren’t we doing well as this was his first time being ill.

So we came home. I drove all the way and we were never so glad to be back in our own little house. So the rest of the week we had a holiday at home: minimum of housework, lots of nice food and fun with Garman.

No doub Himself was very pleased to be well enough to go back to work on Monday!

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