Creche Course So the institutionalisation of Garman started today. We went up to the creche for a little while to meet all his new friends. It went okay and we made a plan for the next week. Well at least the ironing will get done if I can stop bawling long enough. I was some mess on Friday when I realised it was our last full day on our own together. All those crazy hormones keep coming out my eyes in the form of tear drops – it is so strange. We’ll all get used to it. A year ago he wasn’t even here.

And I thought I was a good momma? Feed and transport your children all from one pair of boobs. And while we are on the topic I was reading in a book yesterday that the best natural alternative to human milk is mares’ milk. On first reading this I thought Eeeeeugh but then as I took a sip of my milky tea I figured it’s no weirder than cows’ milk really is it? Himself reckons it is because mares don’t have udders but as cows’ udders have developed that way because of breeding it makes you wonder. Where the hell would you get mares’ milk anyway…?

Big hello to R in London, L & F in Kiwiland and Loolieboots home and gone again – sorry we missed you. The pix are for you.

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