You want pix, you got pix One or two of my readers were concerned by the fact that there were more pix of the house than of the child so I am putting that wrong right. There is no way to overkill on cute pictures, is there? So here you have from left to right, top to bottom, Garman looking cute, Garman being cute, Garman cutely looking at his cute present from Santa, Garman looking cute and tiny in his big cot from his grandparents, Garman looking cute and smart and lastly Garman looking cute with his cute wee friend F. Ah for God’s sake, there’s only so much cuteness you can take and we have to put up with that behaviour 24/7. It’s a hard station.

It’s getting…eh…hot in here? Except that it is absolutely not. It is absolutely baltic today and so windy. This means the cold air is getting blasted in through every nook and every cranny as Spike Milligan would have said. And if that were not cold enough the heating failed to come on this morning. I cannot wait to move into my own house where I decide when the heating comes on and how hot it will get. Brrrr-rrrrr.

Little to worry about As the death toll in Madrid rises, I am reminded that I have little to be worrying about.

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