It’s all go Has it been over a week since I last wrote? So much has happened!

Fond farewells There have been a couple of departures in the last week. Garman and I will miss our Kiwi friends: safe home to L, F & J. And it’s a big bon voyage to KatieFOH who has headed off on her odyssey.

Home, sweet home So it’s pretty definite that we are buying the house. My father, the architect, checked it out for us on Friday and he was impressed by it. The Corkonian has agreed to do some design work for us and we are all terribly excited. Expect to be bored to tears by furniture related tales. Check out pics here

Gabh siar! Caitheamar an deireadh seachtaine siar i nGaillimh, mise ag freastal ar T�stal na Gaeilge agus � F�in ag baint taitneamh ar an aimsir �lainn le Garman. It was our first weekend away apart from a trip to Wexford last Christmas. It was different though because I wanted to attend as much as the conference but at the same time I hoped Himself wouldn’t be obliged to sit around the hotel all day. And he didn’t – it all worked out beautifully.

Life’s like that We drove home from Galway on Sunday. All we could talk about the whole way was our new home and all the possibilities for it. We had lots of ideas especially after meeting the Corkonian that morning.

Just outside Moate, a cocker spaniel pup ran out in front of the car. Himself was driving and there was nothing he could do – we hit the pup. I dread to think what would have happened if I had been driving. There was a car parked on the other side of the road and two women standing beside it. We stopped the car and Himself got out and walked back to the women and the dog. I stayed in the car with Garman. It turned out the dog didn’t belong to the women (thank god!): they had seen her running up and down the side of the road and decided to stop. They were worried she would get knocked down. Being a very friendly dog as soon as she saw these 2 people she decided to run across the road to them. Just as we drove up. She was completely stunned and Himself lifted her to the side of the road and at the suggestion of the 2 ladies decided to call into a few houses in the vicinity to see if anybody knew who owned her. Nobody knew who owned her and the owner of the nearby Pineview B&B rang a local vet. As we sat in the car waiting for the vet to arrive, the pup stood up. Himself got out of the car to make sure she didn’t dash out in front of the traffic again but he was very wary as he was afraid she might turn on him. She tottered up the verge and sat down in front of him – it was so cute and trusting. The vet arrived and took her away and refused Himself’s offer of payment.

It’s amazing how you can be tipping along, living your life and everything can change so suddenly. I hope that little pup is okay but I have a feeling she will not be long for this world – regardless of her possibly minor injuries, she was a collarless stray in farmland. It may sound callous but rather her than us but how very, very close it was. It reminded me of this article by Laura Hillenbrand who wrote the book Seabiscuit.

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