Old biddy, old pal So Garman and I are in the post office earlier today getting forms for new passports for both of us. As the woman who works there hands over the forms she asks me, “Are you just renewing your passport? You aren’t changing the information like your name or anything?” and this old biddy, a customer ahead of me and still fustering around the counter, quick as a flash goes, “Oh but of course not: you’ve changed your name already.” I gave her a withering look and said “No I haven’t actually and never will.” I know it’s every woman’s perogative to turn into an old biddy on finding a grey hair or two but please, ladies, try and keep it to yourselves! I retain my old biddy-isms for Himself’s ears only. They usually pop out while we are driving: “Would you look at the state of that young one! She must be freezing! etc.” or in reaction to items on the radio, in the newspaper or on the telly. Articles on the web tend to keep my old biddy-ness at bay for the most part.

Fame at last Garman had his first taste of fame today. His beeoootiful image can be seen on page 3 of the Irish Times Health Supplement. He is flanked by his spotty mum (wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it would be) and two other lovely ladies. Speaking of biddies, there’s a great pair of them in the background of the photo!

Domestic bliss We grow ever more excited about our imminent roles as house-owners. The ball most certainly rolls fast in this game!

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