Now that I am twenty-nine and a mother, is it wrong for me to make a big fuss about my birthday? Should I leave that life behind? I am having a great day so far. Flowers, a ring, and a house. Yes, ladies, a house: our offer was accepted and we may soon be the proud owners of a gaff in Crumlin. Kerrazzeeee!

Where were you? Please say that in your best Wexford accent. It’s the only thing I can say in a Wexford accent. I was sick and disinclined to climb the stairs to the coldest room in the house. A filthy cough still lingers but the hives have died down and I can smell our smelly kitchen again.

Where will you be? Soon we will be in Como, Italy to help a cousin celebrate his nuptials. But that is all I will say lest I break one of my own rules. Okay gotta go.

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