Evil Toys Twice already today I have nearly snotted myself on Garman’s playmat/ gym thing. I have tied a bunch of his noisemaking toys to it: he loves to wave his arms and legs and make them move and rattle. One of them laughs and barks and shouts “Wheeee!” Both times I tripped (empty-handed, thank god!), I swear the damn toy shouted “Wheee!” and laughed at me.

What yis think of my punctuation – come on, hasn’t it?

Baldilocks The child is losing all his luxurious locks. Currently he has a mohican. In fact, his hairstyle is not unlike John “Rotten” Lydon in “I’m a Celebrity yaddayaddayadda” – nice!

Half Life During a conversation yesterday, Himself jokingly remarked that it seems Garman’s presence has not quite become reality for me. (Okay I referred to the baby as “it” but it was all very abstract, okay?) I pointed out that while he has been back at work for the last two and a half months I have been living this strange half life: indeed it is my life and yet it is not. No life is static. No life should be static. Not that work is my life but both of us working full time and Garman in a creche will soon be the norm. It’s beginning to freak me out but I know it will be good for us all. Logically I know that.

Competition I just got an email from my cousin telling me that he will also be teaching himself PHP over the next while. Great. A challenge – just what I need. Haven’t had one of those since oh ten minutes ago…

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