From the KellysRead all about it A friend recently highlighted one of the difficulties blogging raises for readers. She was out with a good friend and a bunch of her friends. One of the girls was telling her about a recent adventure. My friend did not know whether to tell her “Oh I read all about it on your blog” or during the conversation to ask her to clarify matters that she read about etc.

Personally I don’t mind if people say that they kept up to date via my blog. I started it as a way of keeping faraway friends up to speed on various goings on. But as time went on and I realised more and more people are reading this I go through phases of not knowing whether I should write about certain things. For example I am extremely careful to only write about trips away after the fact if at all possiible. You can just see the headlines “CyberCrime’s new twist: BlogBurglars!” Also I will generally refer to people by nicknames or initials only: they’ll know who they are and anyone who knows them will know to whom I refer.

Jesus but it’s freezing up here. That’s enough for today. I am off back to the fire.

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