Pudge Statistics Garman has reached an historic weight today by our reckoning. He has finally passed the 11lb mark. Today he weighed in at Boob Group (breastfeeding support group) at a whopping 11lb 5.5oz – that’s eight and a half ounces since last week! You too would notice the change if I could ever get my ass around to posting some photos of the wee darlin. We think it’s a milestone weight because you rarely hear about babies who are born heavier than that.

Doh! I did a bit of shopping last week and as it is awkward to get into most changing rooms with a pram, I didn’t try on any of the clothes. I left all the tags on them in case I wanted to return them. One of the women in the Boob Group says to me today, “New jumper?” and I say “Yes actually” as it dawns on me that I’ve been wandering around all morning with the tag on. It’s a very nice geansai and it is this colour.

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