Contented Little Family I have fallen for the tyrannical Scot’s parenting practice. A friend’s sister lent me a copy of Gina Forde’s Contented Little Baby Book and I’m sold. Hooked. But not totally convinced. I think there is too much pressure placed on the mother: fair enough when the mother chooses to breastfeed and is the only parent at home in the early days due to old fashioned concepts such as maternity leave but a few suggestions on how to include the father wouldn’t go astray. For example in the book a day starts at 7am and finishes at 7pm – if we stuck to this Himself would never see the child. Although I realise it is important to establish a routine for a child to ensure they are fed, rested and clean, I strongly believe that life is that which happens outside of the routine. I am glad that Garman goes to sleep at 8pm on the dot but I am even happier that he smiles a lot. Speaking of which I must go and gt him up for his afternoon of fun with me and Mileelers!

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