Mother’s gonna work it out I really am going to have to work out a new way of getting at the computer. Currently Garman (the 10lb 13.5 oz baby!) is sitting on my lap supported between my typing hands. This is working very well as he has just been fed and will shortly be going down for his midday nap so he is fairly quiet. If he decides to head for full operatic mode it might not be so easy. Currently he is, a la Justin, lovin’ it. Reader, you’ll bear with the typos…

Horrormone When oh when do they stop gallivanting around my body? We were watching Rabbit Proof Fence on Saturday night and I was sobbing. And when I say sobbing I don’t mean the odd little tear escaping from the corner of my eye. I mean good old chest racking sobs. Sobbing at Finding Nemo whilst pregnant I could understand. Gotta go

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