Back to work So you think Maternity Leave is all lounging around? I feel like I am back to work as Himself went back today and I had the usual “do I get out of the shower and pick him up or is he really in earnest and this crying thing” debate. Those kind of decisions are hard work! The other tough decision this morning was do I continue watching the Fred Astaire movie or flick over and catch up on Eastenders repeat on RT�?

I bought myself the Medela Mini Electric Breastpump last week and it rocks – my life has opened up and the possibilities seem endless. All I need to do is sort out the energy levels once and for all and we’ll all be back in action.

And the Great Dummy Debate has reared it’s ugly head! We were both dead against them but G is a very “sucky” baby – he’d be clamped onto me 24/7 if I let him. He had the fingers nearly sucked off us and feeding every 2 hours. The fact that he could happily sleep uninterrupted for 4 hours at a stretch gave him away though! So we gave in and bought a few yesterday and made rules about when it would be allowed, all of which I have broken today so I could have my breakfast – well a girl’s gotta eat…

I must post more photos of G and I also must update my links to the left. I have been reading loads since G was born – breastfeeding is great for catching up on the reading. I also got some new sounds on CD as gifts.

Feeding time at the zoo again…!

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