MMIA Mother Missing in Action and action doesn’t begin to describe it. Think about how busy you have been over the Christmas period (note to Dins – I did NOT say “Over the Christmas.” – I know you hate it!). Add a 6 week old baby that has to be fed every two hours (well at least he’s settling into a routine), changed every alternate two hours, amused in between and fit in all the associated washing. Add to this as well the fact that I am voraciously hungry nearly all the time but don’t always have the time to get the food into me. It’s non-stop, I tell ye.

Fortunately, Himself is here for the time being and it’s a real holiday for me. I have had uninterrupted showers, meals that don’t blend seamlessly into each other and conversations on the phone unpunctuated by “Gotta go!”

Buy and sell ye Today our big plan is to do a well overdue clearout of our wardrobe in preparation for hitting the sales tomorrow. It’s very cold and it is freezing in the upstairs bedroom under the roof where all our clothes are. It’s putting me off and I am trying to use Garman as an excuse. “We can’t bring the child up there – it’s far too cold”. Procrastination is the name of the game…

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