Feed me, Seymour, feed me now! There’s a great debate going on on the Eumom site about getting loyalty card points for baby formula. One of the mums was outraged that she wasn’t awarded points for baby formula that she purchased in Dunnes. It turns out that it is illegal to associate baby formula with any kind of promotion because Ireland is one of the countries that have ratified a WHO convention to encourage breastfeeding. Associating formula with promotions could discourage breastfeeding by their logic. Other products that are affected similarly (nothing to do with breastfeeding though!) are alcohol, cigarettes and lottery tickets i.e. a consumer will not gain loyalty points on these products. More of our nanny state or fair enough?

Online baby From the sublime to the ridiculous. I have mastered the feeding while typing. I had to lose the yoga ball to make it possible: too difficult to balance, type and feed. Two outta three ain’t bad.

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