An age It’s been one since I last posted. To be honest at this stage I think it is fair enough for me to be a little realistic and stop apologising for the hiatuses in my blogging. Same goes for mailing people back – this is your blanket apology but I’m sure you will understand.

I’ve had a tough week with regard to motherhood this week: problems with the food factory! I am fine now and taking it really easy but I was in bad shape on Monday. Big thanks to MH for coming over and babysitting and washing up while I had a bath. No thanks to our landlord who forgot to order oil so it’s been kinda chilly here this week…

Garman is still doing really well but it’s hard to believe at 8lbs 3oz he is still lighter than a lot of other babies are at birth. He’s had a very crabby morning today but has finally gone down for his afternoon kip and I am about to have my lunch, having not really finished my breaskfast. Still haven’t quite mastered the octopus lookylikey thing.

You don’t say Himself pointed out a headline to me in the Sunday Tribune: “Water to blame for French floods”. The article didn’t really develop on how this eau was more to blame than any other. Page 19 in last Sunday’s news section. Who the hell is the sub-editor on that publication? Why are they still breathing let alone employed? I would have died of embarrassment a long time ago.

Bu�ochas Thanks for all the comments folks.

Loolie Boots – do you remember the fluffy pink lamp you gave me before heading for Sandland? It’s a godsend for the night feeds. I kept it al lthis while knowing it would work somewhere eventually – thanks!

Thanks to KH for forwarding this seeing as I won’t get a chance to enjoy the real Irish Christmas tradition.

And thanks to my cousin for the info about the Marc O’Neill sale in Spy (back of Powerscourt) on Saturday 13th 1pm – 5pm. I won’t be there cos I am too fat and tired but you all enjoy yourselves 🙂

Eggstra special Right I’m off to have my lunch – egg sandwich. D’you reckon it’s a good idea if I suspect the chicken curry is what had Garman so upset this morning?

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