Beginning Life

Beginning Where to begin? Firstly apologies for the hiatus in posting. Of all the weeks for us to have problems with the famous broadband it would have to be this week so I’m sorry to all for leaving you hanging.


Garman Smith Meyler born 15.11.2003 18.57 7lb 2oz

Saturday the 15th of November 2003 was the most intense day in my life, in our lives. Labour started at around midnight and we arrived into Holles St. Hospital at around 10 am – special thanks to Mum for the lift. I’m not going to go into details about the labour or delivery but I think there are a few classic moments worth mentioning.

Givvus a lift We rang the Community Midwives at around nine and told them the state of play. They told us to come on in but no panic or hurry – have a shower, take your time. While I was in the shower, Himself went to ring Smiths to ask for a lift in. There was no way I was dealing with a Dublin taxi driver!

So he tried the landline: no answer. He tried Mum’s phone: no answer. He scrolled down through his numbers on his mobile and got Allen’s number and rang it. The following conversation ensued:

Allen: So is it a boy or a girl?

Himself: Oh we’re not there yet. I was wondering if you could give us a lift into Holles St.?

Allen: Sure, sure. Right now?

Himself: Well soon enough. Take your time, finish what you’re doing?

Allen: Okay, okay cool. I’ll just finish my breaskfast.

Himself: Grand

Allen: So where do you live?

Himself: ???

Himself: Oh I’m really sorry I rang the wrong Allen…

He had rung a colleague instead of my father!

Electrifying The second classic moment came later on that day. I had strapped on the tens machine for a while but decided I would prefer to be in the shower. The 3 of us (me, himself and the midwife) moved into the bathroom and preceded to remove the tens. However in the process, Himself managed to give me a substantial enough electric shock! Believe it or not this kind of lightened the mood and we have been laughing about it since!

At last Thirty one hours and forty seven minutes after the waters broke Garman Smith Meyler was finally born. 10 minutes later I was engaged to be married.

And then what? Sometimes I think about what happened on Saturday and I am so proud of myself: I had a totally natural childbirth experience, aided by my amazing fianc� (I have a fianc�!) and a fabulous midwife. Sometimes I think about what happened on Saturday and I want to burst into tears and vomit with absolute horror. However the fact that I found myself thinking this morning about how I could rectify certain inefficencies in my labouring process the next time is definitely a good sign!

Oscar winning speech Firstly enormous love and thanks to Himself without whom none of this would have been possible (y’see the birds and the bees…). Thanks to our parents for all the love and the support and for having us (we really appreciate you all now!) and making us who we are now. Thanks to all our brothers and sisters all over the world but a special thanks to the Kilkenny crew for all the maternity and baby clothes and equipment – we would have been lost without you. Big thanks and much love to all our friends here and abroad for all the fun and understanding and interest, phone calls, emails, comments and visits. Thanks to all my readers for reading. Thanks to all the Community Midwives in Holles St – amazing women, one and all, professional, friendly and always available. And finally thanks to all the Eumoms who made my whole pregnancy a pleasant and worry free experience – I’ve made some great new friends.

Okay now I am just getting soppy…

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