Bananas is what this computer is driving me. I had a lovely long post written about the joys of motherhood and the fabness of my child and the fecking thing crashed. Aaargh!

The Child is indeed a blessing. I imagine that you, dear readers, will not be half as fascinated with my exhortations on his wonderfulness, how placid he is, how social, how great his poo is, how much weight he has put on, how he pees all over his parents regularly, how half an hour can be spent staring at him while he’s sleeping and how an hour can be spent staring at him and laughing while he is awake. How on earth can I love him so much when he is possibly the least interesting person I have ever met? It’s just crazy.

Living colour Many of you have requested more pix so here youse go.

The Wee Laird is stirring. Must go and fix him some lunch…

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