Coinkydink I have just finished Fast Food Nation as I have mentioned and lo! it is being discussed on the radio as I type this. Crazy as it’s not even a new book. I have started Paul Auster’s “The Book of Illusions” – very Paul Auster so far which is why I bought it. It’s midday, I am still in my pajamas, maternity leave rocks. Today I have no excuse for this slovenly behaviour as I slept rather well last night. Relatively speaking i.e. I didn’t spend an hour reading at 4 in the morning with a cup of chamomile tea in my swollen claw. However that in itself must mean that I am finding this whole whaleness tiring as it so unlike me to be able to sleep after vegging for the previous day.

Does anyone know where I can get Bewley’s decaffeinated Tea in Rathmines? They don’t have it in Dunnes or Tesco anyway and I don’t think you can ask Superquinn to deliver a packet of tea, can you?

Time is ticking on and as I mentioned I am still in the jimmyjams and Mileelers due here for lunch in less than an hour. Then we are going to the movies. I haven’t been to the cinema in the afternoon since I was a student.

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