C�ad m�le f�ilte After being brought into town for a tasty lunch by the Corkonian, we finally met up with Mileelers in Rathmines for hot chocolate and cake. She is great but has understandably mixed feelings about being home.

So we all piled up to our house and KH and the Handywoman came over for food and chats to beat the ban. My current state of advanced pregnancy called a halt to the evening as I nearly fell off my yoga ball with the tiredness!

Easy like Saturday morning I took it very easy on Saturday with some yoga and a bath and then chilled out here on my own. Saturday night we headed into Anseo (formerly Cons of Camden St) and had a right ol barney with the ladies again. Good tunes. Also met a few people that I had not seen in ages, all of whom asked when I was due. Answering this question really brought it home to me how soon things might start happening. Met Mr. NeoSuperVital who I literally hadn’t see in a year at the least.

Stayed up late when we got home watching “Small Time Crooks” which was amusing enough if you can get past the most annoying man on the planet…

Birthday boy So Himself had a birthday today and we went out and had a very, very nice lunch in the Bijou in Rathgar. A rainbow seemed like a good omen on the way home. When we got home he thought all his Christmases had come at once when he realised that “The Big Bus” was on…

We didn’t make it to see the new Matrix movie but we got the fire going and relaxed.

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