As the song goes What a difference a day makes. I feel a lot calmer now that the bags are packed and baby stuff organised. I was reading all these questions somewhere on Monday night “If you went into labour now would you be ready?” style questions and I think I could answer yes on a practical level. On an emotional/ mental level who is ever ready for the upheaval?

My positivity I have to admit it waned a little last night as I think I suddenly got all the symptoms of pregnancy in one go. Someone came and nicked my feet and put these lumps of flesh on the bottom of my legs. And my hands are killing me too. But a bit of yoga and legs up on the wall and a lovely massage from Himself helped no end. Considering he had to go back into work at 9pm, massaging my back and feet was no mean feat (excuse the pun!). I also discovered stretchmarks on the underside of the bump – damnation!

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