Belly up Isn’t it strange that the very point that connected me to my mother for the first months of my life has completely disappeared – I no longer have a belly button. The only evidence of it’s existence is my piercing. Weird.

Catch up We had a lovely evening catching up with Deda last night. Always brilliant and entertaining company, we had great chats. She is also looking forward to the imminent return of Mileelers so we should all catch up at the weekend again. Deda also brought some beautiful presents. She read here that I was looking for suggestions for music for the delivery: she gave us Rachmininoff, “Vespers” and “Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom” which I am listening to at the moment. A good choice I think. She also gave us a great book by Ian Samson called “The Truth about Babies: From A-Z” – it is one father’s list of thoughts on the arrival of his newborn and their first year in alphabetical order. For example, the entry for tupperware (Abs will love this!)

“We buy Tupperware. I thank God daily for Earl Silas Tupper and his flexible, lightweight containers. Leftovers can be tasty”

Which reminds me of one of the things I want to do today, which reminds of another and another. But first I will go for a swim.

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