Nappy brain I keep forgetting to bring the eencyweency camera with me so that I can capture Dublin in its autumnal glory for your delectation. Its autumnal glory is nearly gone at this stage. So more shots of domestic bliss – I won’t bore you with the snaps of the new fridge. Tomorrow I won’t forget and will take a stroll around the neighbourhood and post some shots. I can’t wait to see what it can do in the daylight!

Pier pressure Himself and I had a lovely stroll along the pier in Howth after dropping the Corkonian and KH to the airport. I would love to be jetting off for a week in Madrid. The weather was so beautiful today here though that you could make believe you were on holidays – we even had ice cream.

Just waiting for Deda to arrive so it’s been a friend filled weekend. And all of them bowled over by the bump – the Corkonian hadn’t seen it since August!

After last week’s hectic dashing around I feel a lot more prepared and will be able to take things a LOT easier this week.

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