Allen gets Lucky (Brennan)Picture this So I picked up some photos yesterday. Mostly disappointing photos from Abs’ recital in the United Arts Club last Saturday. I still haven’t got the hang of the new camera that Himself gave me for Christmas last year.

He was saying last night that he wonders would he have been better off buying a digital camera. I have a fetishistic love of prints though and religiously fill my photo albums. I remember how much I loved looking at my parents’ albums and I want the same for Frisky. To the right is a photo of myself and Dad that came out nicely. We were laughing because I said “Hey Dad you got Lucky tonight!” in reference to the fact that Mum seemed to be giving in on the Save Lucky Brennan issue. That’s a whole nother story. We were celebrating Abs’ graduation in the Bijou Bistro in Rathgar and very pleasant it was too! I wish I had taken this photo but it’s pretty obvious that I didn’t!

I’ve already had a bit of an annoying day. An argument with a salesperson about who is more of a liar is not the best way to start the day. I was sure yer man said the fridge would be delivered between 9 and 1 but apparently I (the customer who has already paid for the damn fridge!) am wrong. I did not think a customer could be wrong but we live and learn. Imagine saying to a customer “Are you calling me a liar? You just told my manager that I am a liar!” Unbelievable. Only in Ireland I reckon – what do you think?

So now they are not coming until the afternoon but I have to pick up the car so poor Mum gets roped in as well to come and hold the fort while I head off to get the car. AAAAAARRRGGGHHHH.

Okay that should exorcise the badness.

Goodness Today’s goodness will be brought courtesy of the Corkonian who will be winging her way to Dublin in no time at all – can’t wait!

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