No place like home We’ve folded on our bids for the house. God loves a trier.

Babemagnet The babies are coming thick and fast among my online mumchums at Eumom – last count we had 3 boys and 2 girls from the November mums and it’s still October.

However I feel a little calmer as I picked up most of the bits and bobs that I will need for the actual labour: TENS machine, arnica, aromatherapy oils, heat pads etc. I had a pretty hectic day. I’m tired now. But not too tired to make stew – the weather is cat here since midday. It’s a real stew day. If the recipe is good I’ll post that too tomorrow.

All you can eat Note that I have added a new recipe section and also a bar at top to aid navigation. And the stew is still not getting made…

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