Mitching First day of maternity leave in the bag. I feel like I am mitching. Busy enough but nothing much to show for all the busyness. I had some great chats with people – on the phone, on MSN and in person. I bumped into Ms. Dunphy in Rathmines and she had lots of exciting news about her latest productions. I got a phone call from the Hand asking if I was bored yet – that girl knows me too well. I had lunch in Smiths. Agus teachtaireacht beag �lainn � Baz thall i Princeton, fear n�r chuala m� uaigh le fada. AND a big long chat with the Poet in Scotland.

I had a nice long blog written a minute ago and somehow managed to erase it. Doh! I’ve been doing dopey shit all day really: leaving the tap running in the kitchen, leaving the immersion on all afternoon etc.

Just got a phonecall from Granny and she was recognised at the conference last Friday because of my pic of her. The web is indeed that. It’s a complicated thing as I never mentioned her name… and yet this guy found her – I know how he found my site but I’m not sure…ow my head hurts…this is so confusing. Anyway a BIG SORRY TO GRANNY for any embarrassment caused. I think she found it amusing…

Right the least I could do is have the dinner on the table when Himself comes home, he may not notice then that the metre high mound of ironing currently residing in the corner of the bedroom is still a metre high. Also the news that a new fridge may be needed might be better taken on a full stomach.

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