Teach beag deas So we went to “view another property” today as we say. We are really getting into the jargon of this househunting business. This one has been on the market for 4 weeks and not a sniff of an offer. Someone should tell them to remove the interesting ornaments from the stairs… The guide price is about 20 grand too much.

Apart from that relaxing to the max and enjoying our amazing new broadband. Super cool and brilliant (I still hate Eircom the m*n*p*listic wh***s – is that slander? D’you think they’ll sue? I’ll take out vowels and put in asterisks instead and then I’ll be safe, won’t I?)

Okay gotta go. Abs has asked me to take pix at her gig this evening so I have to go down to the photographic mecca that is Rathmines and try and rustle up some half decent film. Good luck to ya Rosie!

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