Housey, housey So started another major lifestage yesterday: Himself and I went to look at a couple of houses. My mother was right when she said we were spoilt in the house we are living in at the moment. I’d say we could have fitted the first house into our bedroom. But you have to start somewhere. The most astonishing thing about this house was the wallpaper – Himself thinks I am an awful snob but I pointed out that having a dislike of wallpaper is nothing to do with class – sure the most yuppy-ish magazine going is called Wallpaper… Anyway my big problem with this house was the bathroom was far too close to the kitchen. It had a great long garden though.

The second house was very nice indeed and a year ago we might have put an offer in but as it didn’t have a bath it wasn’t a goer – a 6 month old baby is too big for a baby bath. This house was at the other end of the spectrum decor wise and I know, I know, decor has nothing to do with it really when you are househunting but it does mean you can move in somewhere and live there without getting nosebleeds or nightmares. Speaking of nightmares the back bedroom in this place had a great view of Mount Jerome Cemetery – Himself reckoned it would be nice and quiet at least. Also a nice garden.

So I’m still optimistic. Of course we haven’t got to the really hard part yet.

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