Big bootifull Finally an up-to-date photo of me with the bump. I felt it was about time and also promised the Parisian Bro et sa femme.

Human Dynamo So another busy weekend for me, fool that I am. But I am not tired and there’ll be enough tiredness and sitting around on my ever expanding behind soon. The Robert le Page play was AMAZING. If you can get tickets or if it is coming to at theatre near you go and buy tickets for yourself and all your friends. I must ring the Radio Star about it. It’s exactly the kind of theatre we aimed to create on a budget of 100 squids…

Saturday I trundled into town. I had every intention of buying a mattress for the baby – all out of stock so I bought myself a pair of boots. An interesting shade of blue they can be seen in the picture to the right. On my feet.

Had a very pleasant Saturday afternoon taking tea with Eumoms again. I recommend afternoon tea in the Shelbourne – we were very well looked after.

And then as if that wasn’t all high faluttin’ enough I was off out to the theatre again dahling! Went to see Purple Heart’s production of “Coyote on a Fence” directed by Alan King. It was very good indeed. It finished on Saturday and was part of the ongoing Fringe Festival.

Sunday met up with KatieFOH and not one but two hungover lads for a big fry in Howard’s Way. And then I did nothing else for the rest of the day. Nice one!

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