Pain relief I have decided to use a very new and experimental form of pain relief. It is called Constant Endorphin Release (CER). It is well known that the release of endorphins is a powerful form of stress and pain relief and counteracts the effects of adrenalin, the panic hormone on oxytocin, the labour hormone. This system involves encouraging your birth partner to spend some time preparing and researching the best jokes they can find during one’s pregnancy. They rank these jokes from good to best, taking into account the expectant mother’s personal preferences. At the onset of labour they start telling the lowest ranking jokes and work their way through the collection during the course of the labour. Props, books, and in some cases, video recordings of the expectant mothers favourite sitcoms/ stand up comedians can be used if the facilities are available. By the end of this process the mother should be laughing all the way to the birth.

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