Bouncing baby So here’s the latest from Eumom on Frisky’s progress:

Most babies have changed into a head-first (cephalic) presentation by now, although up to a third will still do so in the next four weeks. You baby is gaining weight fast, and you will be putting on around 500g (1lb) per week at this stage.

As reported in last post, according to the nurse in my clinic, Frisky is behaving itself and is presenting cephalically which although it may be a weight off my mind is a massive weight on other parts of my poor tired body!

Certainly feeling a lot heavier already. I was tootling about town after work this evening and I really felt tired. Stopped off in the Australian Ice Cream Company for a chocolate milkshake – yummy.

I am not terribly inspired today. Himself is still away but will be home tomorrow. Abs is staying in the meantime which is very sweet of her – I think she thinks I am going to go into labour just like that…!

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