Proud Mum So Frisky is on its starters orders and in position, ready for the go. Went to the nurse this morning and the clever thing has got itself exactly where its supposed to be. Hurrah!

Just call us Beyonce and JayZee I have decided that a new project for me and Himself will be a duet for the next Himself Family Get-together: we are the only couple in the family who don’t do a double act (and God knows he needs all the help he can get :D). My favourite duet of the evening was P & N doing “The Lakes of Ponchartrain” – beautiful. (I actually thought that was Poncha Trail until a few moments ago – we live and learn)

Big thanks to Doireann for ringing to ask me how I am and for no other reason. Helped me in off the Big Fear Ledge.

Big sorry to Mileelers who is still waiting for a reply to her mail – forgive me.

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