The Fear I got it very bad yesterday. Very bad. Too tired, no iron supplement, sunday night blues all rolled into one. Not to mention nearly dropping Himself’s 4 month old niece in front of his mum and 2 sisters, not having a tumble dryer or indeed a house to live in.

Sorted it all out today by ticking 2 more bizarre items off my hospital list: breast pads and the hugest sanitary pads I have ever seen. Ah nothing like retail therapy. Speaking of which, must add tokens for clothes shops to my wish list below – my wardrobe will need a serious overhaul during the January sales!

B&O are the heroes of the week after giving us 3 big bags of baby clothes. I expressed the idea that this might be a slight overkill and both of them declared “Oh no! You’ll use it all – a lot!” Crazy days.

Timer I must rustle up a javascript countdown timer for the site – another thing to add to my list of site improvements to be done whilst waiting for the Grand Entrance.

It’s nearly dinnertime. I’m chatting to Arthur Daly and still want to mail Mileelers in Chile. AND distraction of all distraction: EastEnders is sounding v. exciting what with all this talk about Dirty Den still being alive… I’m off!

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